Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening


Non surgical skin tightening is the latest beauty buzz, and at The ME Clinic we offer patients The LP Facelift using the Lipofirm Pro platform. Unlike surgical facelift procedures that are invasive, this entirely non-surgical form of skin tightening helps to contour the face, tone and firm skin and boost collagen production.

The LP Facelift is a non surgical skin tightening treatment that is enjoyed by both men and women, and is an ideal solution for those looking for a facial anti ageing treatment that is both reliable and safe. The Lipofirm Pro technology is backed by science and remains the most effective form of skin tightening treatment in the UK.

The ME Clinic was one of the pioneering cosmetic clinics in Wales to offer this form of anti ageing treatment, and was the first clinic in the UK to offer The LP Facelift. Our experts tailor all facial rejuvenation treatment plans using this platform to suit the specific needs and goals of the patient, and it’s this bespoke approach that ensures the very best skin tightening results. The LP Facelift is suitable for men or women that wish to tone, firm, tighten or lift the skin of the face or neck.

Whilst it cannot replicate a surgical facelift, this facial rejuvenation treatment is ideal for those looking to boost their collagen production and achieve a lifted appearance to the face. Fine lines and wrinkles can be minimised, skin can feel smoother, and the elasticity of a patient’s skin can be improved, making this skin tightening alternative a very popular form of anti ageing treatment for those seeking a more holistic facial rejuvenation treatment, or an alternative to facelift surgery.

During The LP Facelift, a hand piece is moved across the surface of the skin which delivers Tripollar radio frequency energy, targeting the specific areas of concern. The delicate under eye area can be treated, as well as the mid face, jowls and neck. It’s totally non invasive and is not painful, and due to it’s non surgical nature it’s very low risk.

Aside from some potential redness which will fade in the hours after the skin tightening treatment patients do not usually find undergoing this facial rejuvenation treatment uncomfortable. The skin rejuvenation treatment does not damage or break the skin, making it a reliable and safe method of anti ageing, and in many cases a lifted result can be seen from the first session.

The LP Facelift treatment time is around 30 minutes. A course of treatments are usually recommended when undergoing this facelift alternative. Skin tightening results can be seen instantly in some cases, while the collagen stimulation happens more gradually. Results continue to improve after each session, and make a marked improvement to the skin’s tone, firmness and texture. The best skin tightening treatments should give you results that make you look and feel fantastic. So often non surgical anti ageing treatments and skin rejuvenation treatments promise much but deliver very little, however, thanks to The LP Facelift you can get youthful skin with no downtime.

The Lipofirm Pro platform can also be used as part of body contouring treatments, aiding fat reduction and skin tightening to areas of the body such as the abdomen (The LP Tummy Contour) and buttocks (The LP Buttock Lift), or even the whole body (The LP Ultimate Body Solution).

A full consultation is required prior to undergoing The LP Facelift or skin tightening treatments to determine suitability and a bespoke anti ageing treatment plan is devised for every patient.