Hair Removal Waxing

Treatment Description

Hair Waxing

Temporary hair removal, generally lasts 4-6 weeks (depends on your hair growth).

We use two styles of wax, strip wax which is applied thinly on the area and taken off with a paper strip. We use this on legs, lips and eyebrows.

The other wax is hot wax which is slightly hotter in temperature but is more gentle to the skin as no strips are used to take it off. We use this method on underarm and bikini areas, it’s especially good for Brazilians and Hollywood.


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Treatment Prices

Waxing Price

Treatment Area Treatment Time Treatment Cost
Full leg 15 mins £8
Eyebrow Waxing 30mins £22
Lip & Chin 20mins £9
Half Leg 30mins £18
Bikini 15mins £10
Brazilian 45mins £27
Hollywood 30mins £30
Underarm 15mins £9
Full Leg & Bikini 1hour £27
Forearm 20mins £12
Three- Quarter Leg 30mins £20

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