Cellulite Reduction

What is Cellulite Reduction?

Cellulite develops when fat cells swell due to excess fatty tissue which causes a build up of fluids. When this happens the lymphatic drainage system is unable to release the stored fluid, toxins and fat which restricts blood flow. The fat cells then begin to cluster together and become fused with collagen fibres or connective tissues, those strands of connective tissue harden and drag on to their anchor points. The restricted blood flow, lack of lymphactic drainage, stiff connective tissues and fat all converge to form cellulite.

Treatment Description

Cellulite Desc

The three main factors that contribute to cellulite are hormones, lifestyle and age. Whilst diet and exercise can impact on some areas affected by cellulite, many parts of the body remain immune.

Because of the way cellulite is formed, the treatment we provide can create spectacular results. Utilising Ultrasonic Cavitation to accurately target the cellulite we first destroy the fat cells in the problem areas. This is followed by advanced Radio Frequency skin tightening which stimulates the lymphatic system and also stimulates collagen growth. The resultant smoothing of the skin over a period of 8 treatments can be truly amazing. This is all achieved with NO NEEDLES, NO PAIN, NO EXERCISE and NO DOWN TIME and it’s 100% SAFE as we use the ONLY clinically proven medical equipment of it’s type in the UK.

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Cellulite Benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Cellulite Reduction Treatments?

After the cellulite has been broken apart and begins to absorb, you’ll notice a toned and smoother appearance on your skin. The elasticity of your skin will be improved once there aren’t fat deposits present. The muscles in the area that is treated are toned. You will usually see better results if you combine cellulite reduction with exercise so that the muscles are strengthened without all of the fat deposits around them. Sometimes, tension in the impacted area is decreased, making it easier to move that part of your body. Contact us for cellulite reduction treatment in Norwich

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Treatment Prices

Courses must be paid at the start of the course to qualify for course discount

Treatment Area Treatment Cost Treatment Offers
One area (1hr) £120 per session --
Two areas (2 hour) £175 per session --
Three areas (1 hour 30 min) £250 per session --
Four areas – (2 hours) £325 per session --

Special Offers:

Treatment Area Treatment Cost Treatment Offers
Course of 4 – One Area Only £349 --
Course of 8 – One Area Only £699 --
Course of 4 Any Two Areas £599 --
Course of 8 Any Two Areas £1,298 --

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a really common problem, affecting up to 90% of women at some point in their lives, and up to 20% of men. This is simply down to how fat is stored in the body – men and women have completely different structures. Men’s bodies carry fat in a lattice grid formation, whereas women’s is more open.


The cause of cellulite is fibrous bands between skin and underlying tissue called septa. When fat is stored between these anchors, it bulges, causing the dimples seen on the surface of skin.

Cellulite normally affects areas that are more prone to fat gain, and the thighs and buttocks are the most common areas for fat storage in women, who make up 90% of all cellulite sufferers.

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll lose cellulite, but refined, processed foods that are high in sugar and fat (and can cause weight gain when you overindulge) contribute to the appearance of these dimples, and so should be avoided.

Before & After

Here you can view some before and after photos of people who have received the Cellulite Reduction

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