Laser tattoo removal

How does the laser tattoo removal process work?

Let’s face it! Let’s do it. Laser tattoo removal may be a painful process. The discomfort you experienced will depend on both locations, which Tattoo will remove with an individual tolerance level. But it is not at that extreme level. You may manage it by practising the proper guidelines provided by the practitioner. Remember, lots of people and celebrities go through the laser tattoo removal process to get the best output from it. Don’t think a lot about it. Be confident in your decision, prepare yourself for the removal process, and discuss it openly with your practitioner. 

The major goal of tattoo removal is to disturb the permanent ink particle structures on the skin surface, which our immune system can easily remove from our body. Here, the tattoo removal process using lasers or any other process has the single goal of breaking down the ink particles. This is how these tattoo removal processes work. So before proceeding, you may discuss with the experts the whole details, likely pros and cons, for confirmation.

Treatment Description

Laser tattoo removal

Do I need to do any tests?

Before undergoing any type of laser tattoo removal process, it is common for professionals to conduct an assessment test, which determines the suitability percentage as per guidelines. There may not be any specific medical tests, but the assessment may help to recognize the triage factors that will be helpful to the patient during the treatment period. Some major factors that can influence the total procedure are listed below:

  • Check the skin type and the colour used for perfect laser settings.
  • What are the tattoo characteristics, i.e. ink used, size of tattoo, colour, etc.
  • Medical history for skin allergies or weak immune systems
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • A test patch helps determine the effectiveness of laser treatment on your skin.

How effective is laser tattoo removal?

The laser tattoo removal process is effective and, as you know, popular among people. The success of this technique completely depends on multiple factors. If you expect a better result, go and discuss with a qualified professional and carefully follow their advice until the treatment continues. Always try to avoid those individuals without proper medical training because it will create a chance of side effects or treatment failure. The laser tattoo removal process is a little painful and it completely depends on every individual’s tolerance level. After consulting with a professional you can get rid of it.

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Laser tattoo removal

How long does it take to completely cure?

The time duration for this treatment must depend on the tattoo size, patient’s medical history, location of the tattoo, colour, and many more. After the assessment test you can get a clearance on how much visit or how much session it will take to complete. Normally, it will take between 7 and 10 visits to the practitioner.


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Treatment Prices

Laser tattoo removal

Treatment Area Cost Per Treatment Duration of Treatment
WITH IN 3×3 CM AREA £ 45.00 20 MINUTES
WITH IN 5×5 CM AREA £ 65.00 20 MINUTES
WITH IN 7×7 CM AREA £ 85.00 20 MINUTES
WITH IN 9×9 CM AREA £ 110.00 30 MINUTES
WITH IN 11×11 CM AREA £ 125.00 40 MINUTES
WITH IN 13×13 CM AREA £ 145.00 40 MINUTES
WITH IN 15×15 CM AREA £ 165.00 40 MINUTES

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser tattoo removal is a treatment that helps to diminish the unwanted tattoos on your body.

During this treatment, technicians use lasers to send out high-intensity pulses of light that target the ink inside your tattoo but leave the skin around it alone. By absorbing these pulses of light, it heats up and your tattoo starts to fade as the ink goes away.

The pain totally depends on your tattoo, the kind of lasers your doctor uses, and other details. While laser tattoo removal can hurt, chances are it won’t hurt as much as getting the tattoo did.

The duration of this treatment may vary greatly from person to person. But most clients must need between six and twelve sessions to complete this procedure.

Before & After

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