Why Do You Consider Plasma Fibroblast Treatment in Norwich

Plasma Fibroblast Treatment in Norwich

Why Do You Consider Plasma Fibroblast Treatment in Norwich

Looking for an aesthetic treatment to avoid wrinkles and fine lines in Norwich? If yes, then why don’t you schedule an appointment for Pure Skin Touch Plasma Fibroblast treatment at Estetika Clinic – a premier aesthetic clinic in Norwich! This treatment gives permanent results unlike Botox injections. 

What do you mean by Pure Skin Touch Plasma Treatment?

This treatment involves using the Pure Skin Touch device. This innovative medical device was designed as an alternative to specific surgical procedures. It utilises the ionisation of gases present in the air to form plasma which creates a small electrical arc to treat problematic areas. Skin touch plasma treatment won’t spread unwanted heat to the surrounding skin areas. 

How Does Pure Skin Touch Work?

The Pure Skin Touch device works by touching the skin surface gently with the end of a special needle. The needle never penetrates the skin. This skin treatment works by the non-ablative sublimation process. However, plasma is formed through the ionisation of atmospheric gas that stimulates the contraction, shortens and tightens the skin fibres effortlessly. 

Is Pure Skin Touch Safe and Does It Hurt?

The treatment starts with applying local anaesthetic cream. It will lessen the pain and make the treatment virtually painless. This process can give you a hot feeling in certain places. You’ll feel like tingling and burning after the treatment. 

Are There any Side Effects?

You may get brown or black spots; but more of a burn type after the treatment. Swelling often lasts a few days especially around the eye area. Normally, the area will be red and warm right after the treatment. But they can be pretty tender after the treatment. It can result in scabbing or crusting and this is significant to keep the area clean, dry and well-protected. 

What will You Expect from the Treatment? 

As soon as you get the treatment, the reduction of skin folds and creases appear right away. Small dark brown spots appear where the individual shots have been fired throughout the treatment. Normally they flake off a few days i.e. up to two weeks. 

Swelling is a very common effect after the treatment and can be visible around the eye area. It’s significant to allow scabs and spots to fall off naturally as it can cause infection and scarring effects. 

Important Details about the Treatment 

Treatment Time – 15-60 minutes 

Duration Result – Permanent 

Sensation during the Treatment – Mild Discomfort 

Risks – Swelling, Tenderness, Crusting, Scarring and Weeping 

Results – Visible in 10-21 days 

Treatment Course – One to Six Depending on Treated Condition 

Downtime – Some Redness or Swelling, Brown and Red Scabbing a Few Days and Natural Healing Response for up to ten days 

Complete Recovery – One to Two Weeks 

Skin Type and Colour – Work on All Types of Skin and Colour 

Bottom Line –

As a premier aesthetic clinic in Norwich, Estetika Clinic does research proactively and sources the latest products and technology allowing you to access the best new treatments available in the industry. For more information about our aesthetic clinic in Norwich, feel free to visit our website today at https://www.estetikaclinic.co.uk/.


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