Why Do You Consider Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Norwich

Why Do You Consider Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Norwich

Personal grooming is much more than bathing daily and applying sunscreen or moisturiser occasionally. Nowadays most people focus on maintaining a good skincare routine likewise comfort and wellbeing. 

When it comes to taking care of your more sensitive and intimate areas, you might think of shaving, waxing, and tweezing continuously. These hair removal techniques can be expensive, especially if you have to schedule regular appointments to get your hair removed by waxing, threading, and plucking. 

All types of hair removal treatments are not the same. Some require little equipment and can be performed at home like shaving for instance. Some hair removal techniques are long lasting and should be handled by professionals like laser hair removal. 

 If you’re a first timer, you should read on to learn more about the reasons why considering laser hair removal in Norwich is important:

Affordability –

No doubt hair removal can be a costly treatment; but keep in mind that it’s an investment. You’ll save more in the long run, as you won’t need to get concerned about monthly wax removals or shaving sets. You should think about that. 

Laser hair removal requires six to eight sessions. The prices vary from an area of the body to another – the larger the area, the more expensive it will be. You should consider the costs that you incur through shaving and waxing. But the investment will be well worth. 

Time Efficiency –

 However, laser hair removal can save your valuable time that you invest in shaving unwanted hair from your body. For laser hair removal in Norwich, you allow professionals to do it for you. Even, you don’t need to spend time working on removing your unwanted body hair. 

Rejuvenating and Smoother Skin –

Both shaving and waxing involve using harsh blades and methods which can end up irritating your skin. These processes can leave you with dry skin and rashes as well as boils and red bumps. When you choose laser hair removal, any sort of skin irritation is short lived and every treatment allows you get one step closer so that you won’t get worried about it again. 

After the treatment, you can expect a little redness immediately; but it will go after a few hours. You’ll get to enjoy silky, smooth hair in the long run while being away from the irritation caused by waxing and shaving. 

Bottom Line –

The reasons behind laser hair removal treatment are endless. You’ll get better value for your investment and avoid unwanted hair from your body. In addition, you’ll have better skin health, stay confident and will be ready to take on the world. Moreover, laser hair removal is a personal choice. It’s recommended to learn more about this treatment beforehand. 

If you want to schedule laser hair removal in Norwich, you should get in touch with Estetika Clinic – an aesthetic and wellbeing studio. We offer laser hair removal packages in Norwich allowing you to remove your body hair so that you won’t need to book appointments every month. 

At Estetika Clinic, we’ll guide you throughout the process and assess your skin condition thoroughly. Our hair removal professionals will help you achieve the outstanding results as possible. Feel free to contact us today at 01603 280521.

Understanding the Mesotherapy Treatment

Are you looking for a safe and natural treatment to rejuvenate your skin in a highly effective way? Why don’t you consider mesotherapy treatment! This skin treatment provides you with pharmaceutically developed vitamins and hyaluronic acid injections directly into the skin. 

It’s highly effective in treating skin that remains dehydrated and matured. The areas that actually benefit from mesotherapy include the eye area, the chest, the face, and the hands. This means, the areas that remain exposed to the damaging environmental effects will be beneficial. 

Understanding the Mesotherapy Process

This treatment comprises a lower strength glycolic peel that helps in providing the vitamin injections to go deeper into the skin. Glycolic works like a carrier peel because of its small particle size. After that, the peel will be neutralised and a great number of superficial micro-injections are provided to the skin in a pin-prick way. 

The mesotherapy treatment needs no anaesthetic and takes around 30 minutes. Just after the treatment, your face may look slightly red and your skin will look radiant, glowing and firm over the next few days. Your skin will be fresh after just one treatment; but a course of three to six treatments is highly suggested at two weekly intervals. 

If you want good results, you need to repeat single treatments once every two to three months. This treatment is considered to be safe and beneficial so that you should get it performed more frequently. The mesotherapy treatment includes a five minute deep cleansing, multi-vitamin face massage and a moisturising skin recovery serum treatment. 

How Does Mesotherapy Work

With the change in skin, hormone, and environment, the depleted collagen and hyaluronic acid levels take a toll on your skin appearance. As you age, the circulatory system slows down and oxygen as well as vital nutrients reduces. It affects the ability of your body to flush out toxins. This exacerbates the aging process which causes the skin to have a dull, sallow and dehydrated look. 

If you want to combat aging signs, considering mesotherapy makes really sense as it comprises different vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They help in nourishing, rejuvenating, promoting collagen and elastin production as well as stimulating the metabolism process. Mesotherapy works well in rejuvenating skin on the face, neck, hands and décolletage. 

However, you will require a course of three to ten treatments which depend on the area to be treated and the skin problems. Once you’re done with your initial course, you may require top-up treatments occasionally to get outstanding results. 

If you consider mesotherapy for rejuvenating your face, you should consider an initial series of two to four treatments within two to three weeks. You will get cumulative effects from this treatment. Your body will develop collagen and elastin slowly over time. Moreover, you will get to see a slight improvement after the first treatment; but you have to wait for at least three treatments once in every two weeks to see the notable difference. 

For more information about mesotherapy treatment, feel free to contact Estetika Clinic – a leading aesthetic clinic in Norwich. Don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today.

Why Do You Consider Plasma Fibroblast Treatment in Norwich

Looking for an aesthetic treatment to avoid wrinkles and fine lines in Norwich? If yes, then why don’t you schedule an appointment for Pure Skin Touch Plasma Fibroblast treatment at Estetika Clinic – a premier aesthetic clinic in Norwich! This treatment gives permanent results unlike Botox injections. 

What do you mean by Pure Skin Touch Plasma Treatment?

This treatment involves using the Pure Skin Touch device. This innovative medical device was designed as an alternative to specific surgical procedures. It utilises the ionisation of gases present in the air to form plasma which creates a small electrical arc to treat problematic areas. Skin touch plasma treatment won’t spread unwanted heat to the surrounding skin areas. 

How Does Pure Skin Touch Work?

The Pure Skin Touch device works by touching the skin surface gently with the end of a special needle. The needle never penetrates the skin. This skin treatment works by the non-ablative sublimation process. However, plasma is formed through the ionisation of atmospheric gas that stimulates the contraction, shortens and tightens the skin fibres effortlessly. 

Is Pure Skin Touch Safe and Does It Hurt?

The treatment starts with applying local anaesthetic cream. It will lessen the pain and make the treatment virtually painless. This process can give you a hot feeling in certain places. You’ll feel like tingling and burning after the treatment. 

Are There any Side Effects?

You may get brown or black spots; but more of a burn type after the treatment. Swelling often lasts a few days especially around the eye area. Normally, the area will be red and warm right after the treatment. But they can be pretty tender after the treatment. It can result in scabbing or crusting and this is significant to keep the area clean, dry and well-protected. 

What will You Expect from the Treatment? 

As soon as you get the treatment, the reduction of skin folds and creases appear right away. Small dark brown spots appear where the individual shots have been fired throughout the treatment. Normally they flake off a few days i.e. up to two weeks. 

Swelling is a very common effect after the treatment and can be visible around the eye area. It’s significant to allow scabs and spots to fall off naturally as it can cause infection and scarring effects. 

Important Details about the Treatment 

Treatment Time – 15-60 minutes 

Duration Result – Permanent 

Sensation during the Treatment – Mild Discomfort 

Risks – Swelling, Tenderness, Crusting, Scarring and Weeping 

Results – Visible in 10-21 days 

Treatment Course – One to Six Depending on Treated Condition 

Downtime – Some Redness or Swelling, Brown and Red Scabbing a Few Days and Natural Healing Response for up to ten days 

Complete Recovery – One to Two Weeks 

Skin Type and Colour – Work on All Types of Skin and Colour 

Bottom Line –

As a premier aesthetic clinic in Norwich, Estetika Clinic does research proactively and sources the latest products and technology allowing you to access the best new treatments available in the industry. For more information about our aesthetic clinic in Norwich, feel free to visit our website today at https://www.estetikaclinic.co.uk/.

Enjoy the benefits of treatment with the Waves 21

Wave 21 an Innovative Machine that combines metameric stimulation and cold therapy

The Metameric Stimulation of Waves 21

The two hand pieces of the Waves 21 create an electric current whose frequencies correspond to those of the brain in its different phases (awakening, relaxation, concentration, etc.).

The metameric stimulation applies to muscle segments connected directly to the nervous system via the spinal nerves. These are reflex zones specific to certain organs.
Waves 21 therefore intervenes in targeted areas, by awakening natural physical mechanisms , for direct and rapid action.

Cold treatment of Waves 21

The Waves 21 can work at temperatures of -12 to -15 ° C over a larger surface than with most other devices.

The light stimulation is produced by LED’S which emit a purple ray. The colour purple is known to be the most energetic of the visible spectrum. The light beam helps to treat tissues with fatty deposits or cellulite, by rebalancing the sodium and potassium levels in the cells.

For what effects?

Treatment with Waves 21 causes deep muscle relaxation and is beneficial for the bladder and kidneys . It also stimulates:

  • the spleen;
  • the lymphatic system;
  • blood flow ;
  • the production of white blood cells.

All parts of the body (back, buttocks, thighs, bust, etc.) can benefit from a treatment with Waves 21, with the exception of the face. Its main benefits concern:

  • elimination of fat and cellulite;
  • tissue normalisation (reduction of excess skin, etc.);
  • cell activation and drainage;
  • the detox effect .

A painless and non-invasive treatment

The care provided by the Waves 21 is non-invasive and completely painless. The combined technology of electric impulse and cold simply enhances a natural physiological process.


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What Is the Best Device to Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Cellulite is 100% normal and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having it, loving it, and even wanting to get rid of it. It is your body & your comfort. Here is the thing though: If you’re not in love with your cellulite, you need to know that you cannot technically get rid of it at home. Irrespective of how many cellulite creams & exfoliating scrubs you add to your cellulite removal routine, you cannot actually make your dimples disappear without an in-office treatment under the supervision of a skin specialist. 

Cellulite forms when fat cells under your skin (which, BTW, everybody has, irrespective of what you eat or how regularly you work out) push up against your skin’s connective tissues, making your skin to dimple. And while you cannot sort out that process with a tropical cream or lotion, you certainly can smooth & tighten your skin with the right device. 

Check out Lipofirm Pro – a revolutionary cellulite removal device:

Medically certified and clinically proven Lipofirm Pro technology uniquely combines 2 technologies – TriLipo Radiofrequency & TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation, offering non-invasive fat removal, lymphatic drainage and skin tightening. 

Using TriLipo technology with dynamic muscle activation (DMA) the cellulite eraser by LipoFirm improve the appearance of cellulite by boosting and stimulating blood flow, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. This treatment will offer an immediate lift, tone and contour the area offering a smooth & tighter appearance. 

The best thing about Cellulite Eraser is it’s a dependable & safe method of body rejuvenation that employs totally non-surgical techniques to transform the way you feel about your body. During the treatment process a hand piece is moved across your bum and / or legs delivering energy which not just breaks down the fat but also tighten your skin. 

Schedule your trip to Estetika Clinic now if you are looking for the best cellulite removal treatment out there. We provide a FREE personal consultation to assure that your treatment programme is tailor-made to your specific requirements. So, visit our clinic now and go back home with confidence with a body you craved for.

6 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Is A Great Option for You

Dealing with unwanted hair on all parts of the body is a tedious daily chore for most. Traditional methods of hair removal are often tedious, painful, and can be expensive over time. No matter how often you tweeze, shave or wax, the problem comes back after a days, or event hours! Fortunately, there is a safe, effective, affordable, and best of all – long-lasting solution to hair removal! In this post, we go over the top six reasons why laser hair removal is a great option for many for removing unwanted pigmented hair on their body, to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

Reason #1 – It Saves You Time Every Day

One Laser Hair Removal treatment can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 minutes, depending on the location and size of the area being treated. Typically, patients see results after the very first treatment. Best of all, the hair removal, once completed, is very long lasting. People who opt for laser hair removal no longer need to shave or wax. This can cut shower time nearly in half, and eliminates the need for appointments at the salon. When you add up the amount of time you were spending on traditional hair removal methods every day, you can see how much time you will be saving by utilising the laser technology available that offers a long lasting, cost effective solution.

Reason #2 – It Saves You Money

Laser hair removal is an effective, long lasting solution to hair removal. Because the costs are spread out, many people don’t realise that they are spending more on razors, shaving cream, depilatory cream and waxing appointment over their lifetimes than if they took care of the problem all at once with a laser hair removal treatment.

Reason #3 – It’s the Most Long-Lasting Solution for Unwanted Hair on Your Body

Shaving only leaves your legs and underarms feeling smooth for a few hours. Painful and tedious tweezing must be repeated every few days on eyebrows and upper lips. Waxing is a painful procedure that must be repeated after a few weeks. Instead of dealing with the near constant maintenance required with traditional hair removal techniques, you can achieve a more long-lasting outcome using the latest that laser hair removal technology has to offer.

Reason #4 – It Eliminates In-grown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are most commonly experienced near coarse and curly hairs on our body. Shaving and tweezing is a major cause of ingrown hair, which is a hair that curves and grows back into the skin, causing inflammation. If you frequently deal with small red bumps on your arms or legs, you may be dealing with ingrown hairs. These bumps can be as stubborn as they are painful. With laser hair removal, your risk of getting ingrown hairs issue is greatly lowered confidence with laser hair removal

Reason #5 – It Makes Your Skin Smoother

Laser hair removal is a more gentle approach to hair removal than ripping the hairs out or scraping them away with a razor. Because laser hair removal targets the entire hair, and not just the hair that appears above the surface of the skin, skin treated in this way is much smoother and softer. Shaving often causes bumps, stubble, irritation, and ingrown hairs, but these problems don’t exist with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can give you more smooth, silky and beautiful skin.

Reason #6 – It Can Improve Your Confidence

A more confident you is a happier you. You can eliminate all of the maintenance and anxiety that accompanies management of unwanted body hair, starting with just one treatment. Imagine waking up in the morning with already flawless arms, legs, face, and underarms, ready to greet your day with style and confidence.


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