Discover a toned physique and strength by using the EMSCULPT treatment

Discover a toned physique and strength by using the EMSCULPT treatment

How does EMSCULPT treatment work and what are the features?

This is for Individuals who wish to build a toned body and look great around others. This treatment allows clients to achieve a toned body by reducing fat without intense workouts in the Gym or going through expensive surgery. The EMSCULPT treatment or you can say it as body shaping treatment provides the reasons required to increase muscle mass and reduce fat in succession. Please keep in mind that this treatment is far different from plastic surgery.

EMSCULPT treatment is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment in nature. It majorly targeted the high amount of fat deposits. It is quite different in the case of both genders. Those target areas include the abdomen, buttocks, inner thigh and more selected by the experts (aesthetic practitioners). EMSCULPT is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to induce muscle contractions, simulating the effects of an intensive workout.

EMSCULPT stands for a term known as electromagnetic body Sculpting is a procedure used to contract the muscles. Electromagnetic is the major reason behind fat reduction. The supramaximal contractions of muscles respond with a remodelling of inner muscle structure. Hence the process is continuous and causes the growth of muscle hypertrophy. These hypertrophies increase the size of organs and here the organ is muscle so it is the reason behind the increase in muscle fibres as protein creation increases. It surely changes the body topography and makes you extra fit.

List of applications of EMSCULPT treatment :

As discussed in the above session EMSCULPT treatment has a wide variety of applications. Those are listed below:

1) It is a completely non-invasive treatment in nature with a variety of flexibilities.

2) It is quite effectively used to address the abdominal muscles.

3) Used to strengthen and shape the buttocks muscles.

4) Gives the fitness freaks a chance to enhance their endurance and muscle strength.

5) It can be used as a rehabilitation program for those who had injuries earlier.

The results of the EMSCULPT treatment and the stories you observed before and after:

The Emsculpt treatment process will consist of a minimum of 4 to 5 sessions or maybe more elongated as per your body’s needs. After the second session which may be after two weeks, you start to observe the result and will see the contraction in muscle. You surely will figure out how the muscle is changing its tone. Gradually the fat loss improves, the skin tightens, and muscle mass increases. Following guidelines instructed by the aesthetic practitioner and maintaining healthy routines (including diet) as per requirements will be crucial for your long-term success.

After your sessions, you can expect a critical reduction of your abdomen fat or any areas selected to reduce fat. If you search over the internet you will be able to get more studies supporting how effective this treatment has been over time. You will find clients’ case studies on the treatment page including buttock lifts, stomach region transformations, fitness enhancements, rehabilitations and many more.

Estetika Clinic provides the best treatment for EMSCULPT in Norwich because of its modern technologies and well-experienced aesthetic practitioners. In this regard, we assure you a permanent change in body composition by increasing the muscle tone with a structured muscle mass provided with no maintenance sessions.

Non-invasive fat removal in the UK is a true revolution for body mapping

Non-invasive fat removal procedures have gained immense popularity all over the world because of their high standards and pain-free treatments. This modern gem provides various alternatives that stand against traditional treatments like liposuction. It also provides major advantages for those who want to remap their bodies and have a toned body without being exposed to surgery. Because of the ease with which these treatments can be performed, they have grown in popularity in the United Kingdom. Let’s know some descriptive details regarding the pros and cons of this procedure and whether it has any side effects that hamper your body. But the unique mixture of easy recovery, scar-free transformation, and a customized way for solid accuracy makes it more popular among traditional treatments.

People who are coming from the fashion industry or are normal individuals always want to look fresh and fit. Many days ago, people used classis fat reduction strategies such as liposuction for fast-track fat removal. But the option is costly and a painful fat removal process. This is where the new technique, the non-invasive fat removal process, dictates why it is popular amongst people. 

Pros of non-invasive fat removal UK :

  • If we compare it with the old procedure for fat removal, it is way better than that. because its firmness allows patients to return to their initial chores within one to two days of treatment.
  • This process left no visible scars on body parts after fully healing. This purely clashed with the concern for post-surgical scarring tensions amongst the patients.
  • Many non-invasive fat removal techniques are used now a days, are approved by authorities, and have a solid track record of safety and effectiveness. More probably, the satisfaction the customer gets tells its glorification.
  • It is customization and also has the facility to target the problem areas, ensuring the best approach to fat reduction. Finally, this customization allows individuals to achieve the results they wish for.
  • Most of these non-invasive procedures are comfortable, with no pain during the treatment. Patients can relax and do reading, watching TV, or performing other works on bed during these treatments.

Cons of non-invasive fat removal in the UK:

  • Non-invasive processes take time, which means one to two weeks to get a better result. That means people exercise, keep patience, and see results.
  • This process is suited for people with fewer fat deposits and is not suitable for those who have heavy fat deposits.
  • To achieve the best results, multiple sessions are required during this non-invasive fat removal process.

Side effects of non-invasive fat removal UK:

This process is non-invasive and generally considered to have zero side effects. All those issues, like redness and swelling in the skin, skin sensitivity, etc., may happen after the treatment automatically resolves in a few days. It is a safe and easy-to-do process with no potential issues.

Types of non-invasive fat removal procedures:

  1. Cryolipolysis
  2. Ultrasound Fat Reduction
  3. Radio frequency Fat Reduction
  4. Laser lipolysis
  5. Injection lipolysis
  6. Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation
  7. Infrared Fat Reduction

Final Note:

Our experts are well trained in these fat reduction procedures. Estetika Clinic has been the UK’s number one clinic for all non-invasive fat removal treatments, skin care issues, hair removals, etc. for many years in a row. We are receiving the best reviews from our clients because of their self-satisfaction and the desired result they got. We declare that we are the best in town because of our proven track record and expertise in this asthetic treatment. Feel free to connect with us for this fat removal, because Estetika Clinic is the best in non-invasive fat removal UK. Book a free consultation by calling us at (+44) 1603280521 or sending a message to

Track down the best treatment to tighten facial skin and rediscover the youthful glow

As the years pass and you go from younger to older, the natural ageing process can take a toll on our skin, which starts to become visible from the outside, leading to sagging and loss of elasticity. And this is for sure: no individual wants to look older. But nowadays, it can be possible to give back elasticity to your skin. As we make progress in cosmetic treatments, there is no need to accept these changes as inevitability. Facial skin tightening treatments offer a wide range of solutions that help you regain your previous skin structure at your younger age. Now the question is; is it really possible, or is it a myth? No, it is the real truth that tells us the story of the modernization of science. The major concern is also choosing the best options for those who are best in this business, or so-called professionals. No doubt, it is a treatment process in which you can accumulate your youthful skin again and also get the confidence to face the world more precisely.

Discuss some points about facial skin tightening treatments:

Non-Surgical Solutions: 

One of the most significant and widely used best treatment to tighten the facial skin and do treatments This treatment process offers a safe and zero-invasive way to rejuvenate your skin, minimising the chance of pain. This non-surgery treatment can be easily affordable by others because of its authenticity, and it is possible at a reasonable price.

Increase the collagen production:

Many of us are using another technique to develop facial skin tightening treatments. They are doing it by stimulating natural collagen production inside the body. Let’s know more about collagen. It is a type of protein that is responsible for your skin’s firmness as well as maintaining its elasticity. The doctors are trying to boost the level of collagen during the treatment. Hence it is a natural process that usually takes time and shows long-lasting improvement to your skin and skin structures. You can also describe it as one of the best treatment to tighten facial skin.

Quick and effective:

The locals in every part of the country have been developing their own tricks to beautify themselves. Likely lemon juice treatment, applying sandals, cucumbers, and many more ways. We called this a lunch break treatment. This may be done by those individuals with busy schedules. But the solutions are temporary, and it will take a maximum amount of time to happen.

Customized the plan for each patient:

Facial skin tightening treatments can be addressed to meet the specific goals of each patient as per their requirements after examining the patient’s health condition. After completely studying the patient’s epidemiology Our professionals can conclude themselves to target specific problem areas, bisect the issues, and get the required result through proper planning and self-made routines. It is a cost-effective and time-consuming process.

What is the best time to tighten the facial skin and is it necessary?

Ageing Skin: 

As our age increases, our skin loses its tenderness and laterally, our skin is sagging and wrinkles are visible on the body. Hence, facial skin tightening treatments are necessary for those individuals who are experiencing the sign and need to revise the effect.

Loose Skin: 

During the time of weight loss or pregnancy, you can also say that genetics can cause loose skin on the face. It is also important for those individuals who are experiencing those types of problems and always want to regain their firm skin structure.

Preventative care for individuals:

There are also some individuals who choose to go with skin tightening treatments as a preventative measure to maintain their youthful appearance. Celebrities and models are the premier examples of the earlier-mentioned occurrences.

Special Occasions: 

Today, it is also useful for some brides and grooms, as they want to look younger and more cheerful. that all individuals need on their special occasions.

Final line : 

If you are experiencing any of the issues or problems listed above. Then here we present you with a proper guide where we maintain all details regarding the time the treatment is required and how it is effective for you. If you are ready to turn back the clock to achieve youthful joy, You only have to choose the right destination, and team professionals can give you proper advice and get your problem sorted out. Estetika Clinic is here to help you fix all your skincare issues. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the best facial skin tightening treatments customised to your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation by calling us at (+44) 1603280521 or sending a message to us at to get a quick response.

A guide to beautiful skin using the plasma skin treatment procedure

Introduction : 

In this age of science and technology, the new era encourages some revolutionary treatments that can turn back the times. There are a lot of health care solutions and a handful of beauty treatments, with many more underdeveloped in this process, waiting to come into play to make people’s lives easier. Among those huge developments, or, you can say, hidden boons, for those people who have been dealing with loose skin problems, it feels good to know about the ground-breaking innovations of plasma skin treatment, which has been called one of the best non-surgical treatments for tightening the skin in its time. A lot of people are confused regarding how this thing works—is it effective or does it have some side effects? 

Understanding Plasma Skin Treatment :

Plasma skin treatment is also known as fibroblast therapy. It leverages the power of plasma energy, which is directed to the affected skin’s surface and starts making treatments for infected areas by permanently removing tans. This process may create tiny micro injuries in the skin but you never have to worry because these are temporary. These are also stimulating the production of collagen and inbuilt elasticity, which those skins may lose due to age factors, weight loss or many more reasons. As a result of the increases in skin proteins, the firmness and charm of the skin also increase day by day. Hence, you can achieve naturally tighter or youthful appearances in your older days as well.

If we consider surgical facelifts which are definitely invasive processes that involve incisions, plasma skin treatment is definitely non-surgical. It does so with proper precision, avoiding the need for anaesthesia or extended recovery periods. 

Then the next question arises: on what areas of skin can the plasma treatment be given?

To answer that question, we have been developing two parts, which are;

  1. Face: In this part, the upper face consists of forehead lines, frown lines, vertical or horizontal lines, etc.After the upper face, the mid face parts are like nasolabial folds,acne scars, skin tags,cheek lines, and many more.Finally, in the lower face, like smile lines, mouth corners, and many more.
  2. Body: As with facial parts, some body parts are likely stretch marks in the stomach area, arms and forearms, lower legs and knees and more.

In this new generation treatment, you can find immediate and dramatic skin improvement because of the contraction and elimination of those dead tissues on the skin surface. Your cell maturation and the new tissue generations are triggered in your body by the increase in protein creation in your skin. This treatment results in long-lasting effects, never changing your facial features, but giving you the best result you desire by giving your skin that smoothness and texture. On average, the treatment results last up to 3–4 years, but again, the condition is how well the procedure is done and how your skin type is. This also includes your health conditions and how quickly your skin is recovering from this procedure. All these parameters are having effects on the plasma skin treatment longevity.

Final Note: 

If you are looking for the best-in-class and most affordable plasma pen treatment near you, contact us today at Estetika Clinic. Our experienced and skilled team of aesthetic professionals, those who are masters in this field gives our clients the results they desire. Those individuals are seeking a boost in their self-confidence from a refreshed appearance in their older days. For them this plasma skin treatment will be a definite game changer. Let’s take a step and join with us by calling us at 01603280521 or sending an email to to book a free consultation.

Why Do You Consider Plasma Fibroblast Treatment in Norwich

Looking for an aesthetic treatment to avoid wrinkles and fine lines in Norwich? If yes, then why don’t you schedule an appointment for Pure Skin Touch Plasma Fibroblast treatment at Estetika Clinic – a premier aesthetic clinic in Norwich! This treatment gives permanent results unlike Botox injections. 

What do you mean by Pure Skin Touch Plasma Treatment?

This treatment involves using the Pure Skin Touch device. This innovative medical device was designed as an alternative to specific surgical procedures. It utilises the ionisation of gases present in the air to form plasma which creates a small electrical arc to treat problematic areas. Skin touch plasma treatment won’t spread unwanted heat to the surrounding skin areas. 

How Does Pure Skin Touch Work?

The Pure Skin Touch device works by touching the skin surface gently with the end of a special needle. The needle never penetrates the skin. This skin treatment works by the non-ablative sublimation process. However, plasma is formed through the ionisation of atmospheric gas that stimulates the contraction, shortens and tightens the skin fibres effortlessly. 

Is Pure Skin Touch Safe and Does It Hurt?

The treatment starts with applying local anaesthetic cream. It will lessen the pain and make the treatment virtually painless. This process can give you a hot feeling in certain places. You’ll feel like tingling and burning after the treatment. 

Are There any Side Effects?

You may get brown or black spots; but more of a burn type after the treatment. Swelling often lasts a few days especially around the eye area. Normally, the area will be red and warm right after the treatment. But they can be pretty tender after the treatment. It can result in scabbing or crusting and this is significant to keep the area clean, dry and well-protected. 

What will You Expect from the Treatment? 

As soon as you get the treatment, the reduction of skin folds and creases appear right away. Small dark brown spots appear where the individual shots have been fired throughout the treatment. Normally they flake off a few days i.e. up to two weeks. 

Swelling is a very common effect after the treatment and can be visible around the eye area. It’s significant to allow scabs and spots to fall off naturally as it can cause infection and scarring effects. 

Important Details about the Treatment 

Treatment Time – 15-60 minutes 

Duration Result – Permanent 

Sensation during the Treatment – Mild Discomfort 

Risks – Swelling, Tenderness, Crusting, Scarring and Weeping 

Results – Visible in 10-21 days 

Treatment Course – One to Six Depending on Treated Condition 

Downtime – Some Redness or Swelling, Brown and Red Scabbing a Few Days and Natural Healing Response for up to ten days 

Complete Recovery – One to Two Weeks 

Skin Type and Colour – Work on All Types of Skin and Colour 

Bottom Line –

As a premier aesthetic clinic in Norwich, Estetika Clinic does research proactively and sources the latest products and technology allowing you to access the best new treatments available in the industry. For more information about our aesthetic clinic in Norwich, feel free to visit our website today at

Enjoy the benefits of treatment with the Waves 21

Wave 21 an Innovative Machine that combines metameric stimulation and cold therapy

The Metameric Stimulation of Waves 21

The two hand pieces of the Waves 21 create an electric current whose frequencies correspond to those of the brain in its different phases (awakening, relaxation, concentration, etc.).

The metameric stimulation applies to muscle segments connected directly to the nervous system via the spinal nerves. These are reflex zones specific to certain organs.
It’s  therefore intervenes in targeted areas, by awakening natural physical mechanisms , for direct and rapid action.

Cold treatment of Waves 21

Our treatment can work at temperatures of -12 to -15 ° C over a larger surface than with most other devices.

The light stimulation is produced by LED’S which emit a purple ray. The colour purple is known to be the most energetic of the visible spectrum. The light beam helps to treat tissues with fatty deposits or cellulite, by rebalancing the sodium and potassium levels in the cells.

For what effects?

Treatment with Waves 21 causes deep muscle relaxation and is beneficial for the bladder and kidneys . It also stimulates:

  • the spleen;
  • the lymphatic system;
  • blood flow ;
  • the production of white blood cells.

All parts of the body (back, buttocks, thighs, bust, etc.) can benefit from a treatment with Waves 21, with the exception of the face. Its main benefits concern:

  • elimination of fat and cellulite;
  • tissue normalisation (reduction of excess skin, etc.);
  • cell activation and drainage;
  • the detox effect .

A painless and non-invasive treatment

The care provided by the Waves 21 is non-invasive and completely painless. The combined technology of electric impulse and cold simply enhances a natural physiological process.

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