Why Do You Consider Plasma Fibroblast Treatment in Norwich

Why Do You Consider Plasma Fibroblast Treatment in Norwich

Looking for an aesthetic treatment to avoid wrinkles and fine lines in Norwich? If yes, then why don’t you schedule an appointment for Pure Skin Touch Plasma Fibroblast treatment at Estetika Clinic – a premier aesthetic clinic in Norwich! This treatment gives permanent results unlike Botox injections. 

What do you mean by Pure Skin Touch Plasma Treatment?

This treatment involves using the Pure Skin Touch device. This innovative medical device was designed as an alternative to specific surgical procedures. It utilises the ionisation of gases present in the air to form plasma which creates a small electrical arc to treat problematic areas. Skin touch plasma treatment won’t spread unwanted heat to the surrounding skin areas. 

How Does Pure Skin Touch Work?

The Pure Skin Touch device works by touching the skin surface gently with the end of a special needle. The needle never penetrates the skin. This skin treatment works by the non-ablative sublimation process. However, plasma is formed through the ionisation of atmospheric gas that stimulates the contraction, shortens and tightens the skin fibres effortlessly. 

Is Pure Skin Touch Safe and Does It Hurt?

The treatment starts with applying local anaesthetic cream. It will lessen the pain and make the treatment virtually painless. This process can give you a hot feeling in certain places. You’ll feel like tingling and burning after the treatment. 

Are There any Side Effects?

You may get brown or black spots; but more of a burn type after the treatment. Swelling often lasts a few days especially around the eye area. Normally, the area will be red and warm right after the treatment. But they can be pretty tender after the treatment. It can result in scabbing or crusting and this is significant to keep the area clean, dry and well-protected. 

What will You Expect from the Treatment? 

As soon as you get the treatment, the reduction of skin folds and creases appear right away. Small dark brown spots appear where the individual shots have been fired throughout the treatment. Normally they flake off a few days i.e. up to two weeks. 

Swelling is a very common effect after the treatment and can be visible around the eye area. It’s significant to allow scabs and spots to fall off naturally as it can cause infection and scarring effects. 

Important Details about the Treatment 

Treatment Time – 15-60 minutes 

Duration Result – Permanent 

Sensation during the Treatment – Mild Discomfort 

Risks – Swelling, Tenderness, Crusting, Scarring and Weeping 

Results – Visible in 10-21 days 

Treatment Course – One to Six Depending on Treated Condition 

Downtime – Some Redness or Swelling, Brown and Red Scabbing a Few Days and Natural Healing Response for up to ten days 

Complete Recovery – One to Two Weeks 

Skin Type and Colour – Work on All Types of Skin and Colour 

Bottom Line –

As a premier aesthetic clinic in Norwich, Estetika Clinic does research proactively and sources the latest products and technology allowing you to access the best new treatments available in the industry. For more information about our aesthetic clinic in Norwich, feel free to visit our website today at https://www.estetikaclinic.co.uk/.

Enjoy the benefits of treatment with the Waves 21

Wave 21 an Innovative Machine that combines metameric stimulation and cold therapy

The Metameric Stimulation of Waves 21

The two hand pieces of the Waves 21 create an electric current whose frequencies correspond to those of the brain in its different phases (awakening, relaxation, concentration, etc.).

The metameric stimulation applies to muscle segments connected directly to the nervous system via the spinal nerves. These are reflex zones specific to certain organs.
Waves 21 therefore intervenes in targeted areas, by awakening natural physical mechanisms , for direct and rapid action.

Cold treatment of Waves 21

The Waves 21 can work at temperatures of -12 to -15 ° C over a larger surface than with most other devices.

The light stimulation is produced by LED’S which emit a purple ray. The colour purple is known to be the most energetic of the visible spectrum. The light beam helps to treat tissues with fatty deposits or cellulite, by rebalancing the sodium and potassium levels in the cells.

For what effects?

Treatment with Waves 21 causes deep muscle relaxation and is beneficial for the bladder and kidneys . It also stimulates:

  • the spleen;
  • the lymphatic system;
  • blood flow ;
  • the production of white blood cells.

All parts of the body (back, buttocks, thighs, bust, etc.) can benefit from a treatment with Waves 21, with the exception of the face. Its main benefits concern:

  • elimination of fat and cellulite;
  • tissue normalisation (reduction of excess skin, etc.);
  • cell activation and drainage;
  • the detox effect .

A painless and non-invasive treatment

The care provided by the Waves 21 is non-invasive and completely painless. The combined technology of electric impulse and cold simply enhances a natural physiological process.


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Bespoke body contouring treatments for summer

The body contouring treatments you can rely on for getting summer body ready

We all have parts of our body we wish we could change slightly and body contouring treatments can help. A bit of cellulite on the top of our thighs, stubborn areas of fat on the hips; it’s the little things that can make a big difference to one’s self esteem.

If diet and exercise just can’t shift those last few inches, non-surgical body contouring treatments can offer a surgery-free way to a smoother shape.

The power of RF

Using radio frequency energy, non-surgical body contouring treatment Lipofirm Pro delivers heat to the chosen area of treatment, aiding the augmentation of fat cells, reduction of cellulite, and even improving skin laxity.

The most impressive part? There is no surgery and no downtime – it’s easy to see why the world is turning to non-surgical body contouring treatments.

What are the benefits?

The major benefit of non-surgical body reshaping is that it can be used to treat a variety of concerns and problem areas. Common areas of the body that people seek treatment to improve are where fat often settles but can be difficult to shift. This is especially common for patients over 35, as the metabolism begins to slow.

Popular areas for non-surgical body contouring treatments:

Thigh contouring and reshaping

As well as improving the shape of the inner and upper thighs, non-surgical body contouring treatments such as Lipofirm Pro can actively reduce the appearance of cellulite. It’s effective in smoothing the treated area and can help improve the tell-tale signs of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

Fat removal from the buttocks

The buttocks can be a tricky area of the body to shift fatty deposits from. Liposuction can remove fat from the buttocks, but the painful surgery can leave uneven results and heavy bruising. Non-surgical fat reduction allows the practitioner to effectively and specifically treat the area, alleviating unwanted fat and reshaping the buttocks.

Reducing bingo wings

Bingo wings can be a thing of the past thanks to non-surgical body contouring. Not touching the skin, the device sends radiofrequency energy to the upper arm area, shrinking the fat cells and improving the silhouette of the area.

Getting gorgeous arms in time for your summer holiday or means you can feel confident showing some skin again.

Reshaping the hips

Many women suffer with excess fat on their hips, leaving them with an uneven silhouette that can make buying clothes difficult. If you want to improve your body shape and feel great in your favourite dress, non-surgical body contouring treatments are an ideal solution.

Booking a consultation

Simple but effective, the fat reduction procedures can be life changing aesthetic treatments, and booking a consultation is the best way to discover which form of non-surgical body contouring is the right option for your needs.

Whether you have a summer holiday booked, or you’re struggling with your post-pregnancy shape, non-surgical body contouring treatment may be the ideal solution. The key to excellent non-surgical body contouring results is individual treatment. A tailored plan is vital, meaning treatment times and courses needed vary between patients.


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Cellulite Reduction Treatment

About Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite develops when fat cells swell due to excess fatty tissue which causes a build up of fluids. When this happens the lymphatic drainage system is unable to release the stored fluid, toxins and fat which restricts blood flow. The fat cells then begin to cluster together and become fused with collagen fibres or connective tissues, those strands of connective tissue harden and drag on to their anchor points. The restricted blood flow, lack of lymphactic drainage, stiff connective tissues and fat all converge to form cellulite.

The three main factors that contribute to cellulite are hormones, lifestyle and age. Whilst diet and exercise can impact on some areas affected by cellulite, many parts of the body remain immune.

Because of the way cellulite is formed, the treatment we provide can create spectacular results. Utilising Ultrasonic Cavitation to accurately target the cellulite we first destroy the fat cells in the problem areas. This is followed by advanced Radio Frequency skin tightening which stimulates the lymphatic system and also stimulates collagen growth. The resultant smoothing of the skin over a period of 8 treatments can be truly amazing. This is all achieved with NO NEEDLES, NO PAIN, NO EXERCISE and NO DOWN TIME and it’s 100% SAFE as we use the ONLY clinically proven medical equipment of it’s type in the UK.


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