Enjoy your typical identity with the intelligibility of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Enjoy your typical identity with the intelligibility of laser hair removal

Let’s focus on this topic. Attention guys, we are discussing hair removal techniques, not hair loss reasons. They all have equal importance in daily life. That may include aesthetic preferences or it may lays with your level of personal comfort. For a long ago, we have been using the oldest methods like waxing and threading. They might have their own significance and are also used today as per the requirements. Some hair removal services are done at home by individuals or may be in beauty clinics. The procedures in traditional methods are more costly, and the comfort level is not satisfactory.

Then why do we go for laser hair removal? Because the laser hair removal cannot guarantee a 100% removal of hair, and you cannot assume that in those areas where laser treatment occurs, the hair will not grow again.The area treated with this manner must not get that amount of hair again previously the individual has on that specific area. Its density will go down as the treatment continues.

The exact method for laser hair removal:

By using the laser wave the professional may be able to remove the extra hairs in selected areas requested by the customer. The extra energy in the melanin causes the melanin to heat up to a certain level. Then the heat is transferred to the cells in the hair follicles, which are the small holes in the skin and damages them on the roots. It prevents the formation of new hairs in that particular region and the result is achieved. So to know about this in detail, we have to know the growing stages of hair. 

The hair growth must be completed in three phases:

  • Grow phase 
  • Transition phase
  • Resting phase

The hairs in the second and third phases are in the resting phase which means the hairs are not growing in that phase. So the amount of melanin is low during this period. So the laser hair removal process targets the first phase or you can say grow phase which may contain high levels of melanin.

After the procedure, the damaged hair follicles will fall. It makes sure that the treated area is smooth and hair-free. Here comes another prospect: which skin type is good for this process? It is suitable for every process no matter what skin type you have. As it is a laser hair removal process you can apply this treatment to any part that contains hair and you have to remove it after consulting with the specialists. Another important note is that the result and the sessions to get the best results will firmly depend upon an individual’s hair type and skin colour. If we roughly say it will take a maximum of ten sessions to achieve a suitable result, if everything is okay.

In the end, the point to take away is how an individual follows the post care instructions. If you are thinking that you come from this category of people and are present in the UK, then you are in the right place. Estetika Clinic provides all-in-one support for your cosmetic requirements. Book a free session now by sending a message to ipsita@estetikaclinic.co.uk and calling their customer care number (+44) 1603280521, or you can visit their site for clear conceptual solutions.


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