Get some unbeatable details regarding a successful microneedling treatment

Microneedling Norwich

Get some unbeatable details regarding a successful microneedling treatment

When we hear the term microneedling, we have a question raised in our minds because of the inclusion of needles in the term. Know those practices in detail and a wider version of the beauty of modern science. Microneedling is widely popular as the best skincare treatment because it involves tinny needles to puncture your skin surface. Here, it is notable that the process is minimally invasive. 

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses thin needles to make tiny holes in affected areas of the skin surface. It happens on the top layer of the skin. The auto-recovery mode of that place has been activated by your immune system. This recovery is going with more collagen formation. Additionally, the formation of these proteins is regulated in other ways by the practitioner. In most cases, individuals get microneedling treatments mostly on their face areas. As its uses are limitless, you can also get the treatment on other body parts as per your requirements, which may include your legs, back, and neck. Other areas of the body where you notice damage to the skin must go with this treatment. 

Who is suitable for the microneedling treatment?

Microneedling has dual perspectives. It is used both in the cosmetic section and has medical significance. You will get a better recommendation for microneedling after consulting with the specialist, booking a session with your specialist, and discussing your concerns and your target developments. They will suggest better options for what you have to do.

Let’s list some common areas where microneedling is required:

  • Enlarged pores develop on the skin surface
  • Fine lines or wrinkles are visible clearly
  • Loose or thin skin.
  • Scars development occurs
  • Visible skin discoloration 
  • Stretch marks on the body parts
  • Excessive sweating concern
  • Major hair loss 

Before going for microneedling, you must have a consultation with your healthcare provider. You have to go with the details of your concerns for skin issues in front of the practitioner and select the practitioner based on their experience in the field. When you have cleared all the things mentioned earlier then the practitioner must go through the process and likely examine your skin. They produce a report that will definitely be shared with you to help you understand the issues and the ways to get rid of them. Then it’s your turn to make the practitioner understand what the final targets are that you need.

On the day of the first session, the technician may first clean your skin and apply numbing cream, and after some time, an electric tool will roll gently on the areas where treatments are to be done. When the tool moves on the damaged surface, the needles present in this tool penetrate into your skin. The puncture of the skin follows as per the requirement; it may go deeper into the skin as per the treatment required. The maximum length of the needle is 2 millimeters.

After the completion of the procedure, talk with your healthcare specialist and take precautions as per their instructions. There might be swollen areas and redness on the skin. You can use ice packs to make them relaxing. It will take 10 to 15 days for complete healing, and the results will show afterward.

Talk to your healthcare provider and if you want microneedling in Norwich then select Estetika Clinic for a better solution for your concerns. Stay connected with them through email at or by calling their customer service department at (+44) 1603280521.


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