Plasma Lift – A Better Alternative to Cosmetic Surgeries

Plasma Lift Treatment Norwich

Plasma Lift – A Better Alternative to Cosmetic Surgeries

Want to lift your drooping eyelids to look younger? Looking for plasma eye lift near you? When it comes to plasma lift treatment in the UK, you should look no further than us, Estetika Clinic. We offer touch skin plasma offering permanent solution for all treatments that include eyelid lift, wrinkles and fine lines unlike Botox injections. However, before you opt for plasma eye lift, you must understand what and how it works! 

What is Plasma Lift?

It’s a treatment used for tightening skin using plasma to heat the skin and put force on the underlying collagen to contract and tighten. Further, the treatment forces the body to generate and reform collagen and elastin fibres in the deeper layers resulting in lifted and tightened youthful skin. The best part is there is no surgical procedure involved in it for achieving results. 

For the plasma treatment we at Estetika Clinic make use of the Pure Skin Touch Device,  an innovative medical device designed as alternative to certain surgical procedures. The device uses the ionisation of the gases in the air to create plasma, forming a small electrical arc that treats problematic areas without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding skin. The electrical arc allows precision throughout the process by effectively targeting smaller and larger face and body areas for perfecting the skin and delivering noticeable results within a few months.

What is Plasma?

Generally, we know that there are three different states of matter i.e. solids, liquids and gases but there is a fourth state of matter called plasma. It is a heated matter which is everywhere but we often could not realize it. For instance, plasma is the glow that stars produce. Plasma not only works within our world but it also helps in transforming our skin. Plasma is an electrically charged gas.

What  Does it Treat?

The plasma device is used for healing an injury, but it can also provide some remarkable anti-aging and skin-lifting results. It can treat one or multiple facial regions, target imperfections, fight and reverse the signs of aging and act as an alternative to the surgical/cosmetic procedures. From removing moles, skin tags to lifting and tightening skin, plasma treatment can offer numerous benefits. 

What is the plasma eye lift process?

As far as plasma eye lift is concerned, the process removes excessive skin on the eyelids within two to three sessions and tightens the eyelids offering youthful look. Hence, you can avoid undergoing an eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty. The plasma treatment can also carry out an under and upper eyelid lift along with targeting and smoothing crow’s feet.

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