Explore the HIFU Therapy to revitalise your skin using Ultrasound Energy

Hifu therapy

Explore the HIFU Therapy to revitalise your skin using Ultrasound Energy

What’s HIFU Therapy?

HIFU also called High frequency concentrated Ultrasound remedy is used to treat critical skin issues. This procedure uses a high-energy ultrasound surge technology to refresh the skin. The ultrasound swells are applied to the affected skin region and also the energy penetrates the skin towel and increases the production of skin protein (collagen). As a result, skin plainness increases. If it’s sagging skin due to an old age factor, the skin elastin causes a critical reason and repairs the skin again. This technology reduces fat deposits and helps with skin lifting and trouncing. This remedy is in the meantime, an effortless process, non-invasive, and ready to serve every skin tone. individualities will be suitable to see good results incontinently after the completion of this remedy. The coming question arises: do all individuals prefer this treatment or do it have some limitations?

The HIFU  therapy is used for the following  treatments :

1) Individuals follow this therapy to tighten the skin which is mostly usable for v-shaped faces.

2) Used to address sagging skin issues.

3) Intent to increase the life of the face charm.

4) Any individual needs to make some micro-level adjustments around the face, HIFU therapy can be effective.

5) Excellent usage when addressing the excess fat on the face. 

6) It is a very effective therapy for reshaping the eyelids.

7) People who are afraid of pain and invasive procedures prefer these treatment procedures. 

8) It is a master therapy used to address the redness (discoloration) and wrinkles in the skin and produce the natural glow the skin deserves.

9) Those who have skin issues or severe acne issues and those who are already used to taking medications for other issues are not suitable for HIFU treatment. Hence, it is advised to consult with an aesthetic practitioner before the treatment.

HIFU session time varies starting from 30 minutes plus depending on the treatment area chosen. An individual will observe a clear improvement immediately after the completion of the first session and after the completion of 4 to 5 sessions, the client will observe an overall improvement of 50% in the affected zone. As time goes on, the body will increase its ability to create elasticity and increase its skin elastin. The treatment would depend on the client’s skin conditions and the individual’s therefore consult with an aesthetic practitioner.

What is the average cost of HIFU therapy in the UK?

The exact cost of HIFU therapy is heavily dependent on two basic factors.

The number of areas to treat under this therapy and the width of the area. Since it is a high-intensity machine treatment generally the clinics charge an amount of £3,00 to £12,000 per session in the UK. But the exact concern on which they operated the treatment. HIFU therapy/treatment depends on the skills of the expert/aesthetic practitioner as well as the equipment used to do it.

Cost of HIFU Therapy for Major Areas at Estetika Clinic?

  1. The Face, Neck & Décolletage costs £650/session.
  2. For full back, it’s £575/session.
  3. Full Thighs cost £400/session.
  4. Arms cost £300/session.
  5. Full Abdomen cost £575/session.

Note: Prices are part of the sessional offer plan. It may vary in future: Read more.

How does Estetika Clinic provide highly effective HIFU treatment in the UK?

Estetika Clinic is one of the leading aesthetic treatment-providing organisations situated in Norwich, UK. We have a combination of experienced aesthetic practitioners with modern technology. 

Estetika Clinic provides an open system for price visualisation without any hidden charges and their charges are also less than those of other clinics in the UK. We provide all instructions with a detailed price chart, Learn about 4D HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Body. You may book a free consultation by calling (+44) 1603280521 or contacting us over the book-now form.


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