Discover a toned physique and strength by using the EMSCULPT treatment

Emsculpt treatment

Discover a toned physique and strength by using the EMSCULPT treatment

How does EMSCULPT treatment work and what are the features?

This is for Individuals who wish to build a toned body and look great around others. This treatment allows clients to achieve a toned body by reducing fat without intense workouts in the Gym or going through expensive surgery. The EMSCULPT treatment or you can say it as body shaping treatment provides the reasons required to increase muscle mass and reduce fat in succession. Please keep in mind that this treatment is far different from plastic surgery.

EMSCULPT treatment is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment in nature. It majorly targeted the high amount of fat deposits. It is quite different in the case of both genders. Those target areas include the abdomen, buttocks, inner thigh and more selected by the experts (aesthetic practitioners). EMSCULPT is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to induce muscle contractions, simulating the effects of an intensive workout.

EMSCULPT stands for a term known as electromagnetic body Sculpting is a procedure used to contract the muscles. Electromagnetic is the major reason behind fat reduction. The supramaximal contractions of muscles respond with a remodelling of inner muscle structure. Hence the process is continuous and causes the growth of muscle hypertrophy. These hypertrophies increase the size of organs and here the organ is muscle so it is the reason behind the increase in muscle fibres as protein creation increases. It surely changes the body topography and makes you extra fit.

List of applications of EMSCULPT treatment :

As discussed in the above session EMSCULPT treatment has a wide variety of applications. Those are listed below:

1) It is a completely non-invasive treatment in nature with a variety of flexibilities.

2) It is quite effectively used to address the abdominal muscles.

3) Used to strengthen and shape the buttocks muscles.

4) Gives the fitness freaks a chance to enhance their endurance and muscle strength.

5) It can be used as a rehabilitation program for those who had injuries earlier.

The results of the EMSCULPT treatment and the stories you observed before and after:

The Emsculpt treatment process will consist of a minimum of 4 to 5 sessions or maybe more elongated as per your body’s needs. After the second session which may be after two weeks, you start to observe the result and will see the contraction in muscle. You surely will figure out how the muscle is changing its tone. Gradually the fat loss improves, the skin tightens, and muscle mass increases. Following guidelines instructed by the aesthetic practitioner and maintaining healthy routines (including diet) as per requirements will be crucial for your long-term success.

After your sessions, you can expect a critical reduction of your abdomen fat or any areas selected to reduce fat. If you search over the internet you will be able to get more studies supporting how effective this treatment has been over time. You will find clients’ case studies on the treatment page including buttock lifts, stomach region transformations, fitness enhancements, rehabilitations and many more.

Estetika Clinic provides the best treatment for EMSCULPT in Norwich because of its modern technologies and well-experienced aesthetic practitioners. In this regard, we assure you a permanent change in body composition by increasing the muscle tone with a structured muscle mass provided with no maintenance sessions.


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